Score More Goals with these 1v1 Soccer Shooting Drills

Perfect your shooting technique and score more goals with these expert-approved 1v1 soccer shooting drills. The purpose of this article is to help players of all ages and skill levels enhance their shooting technique and accuracy. In this article, we’ll share with you some of the best 1v1 soccer shooting drills that are guaranteed to improve your game and help you become a better player.

soccer shooting drills

Want to score more goals in soccer? Try these 1v1 soccer shooting drills! Learn how to master them and become a goal-scoring machine.

Why are soccer shooting drills important?

Soccer shooting drills should be an essential part of your training routine. These 1v1 soccer drills are vital in helping players to improve their shooting accuracy, power, and speed. Regular practice contributes to a player’s ability to score more goals and make a significant impact on the field.

Soccer shooting drills are vital because they help you develop your shooting technique. They also help to build your confidence in front of the net. As any soccer player will tell you, scoring a goal is one of the best feelings in the world. With regular practice and training, you can increase your chances of scoring goals and making a meaningful contribution to your team’s success.

Additionally, soccer shooting drills are important because they can help you improve your physical fitness. Soccer is a physically demanding game that requires a combination of strength, speed, and endurance. By practicing these drills regularly, you can improve these attributes and give yourself a competitive edge on the field.

How do you develop shooting techniques?

Good shooting technique in soccer takes time, effort, and dedication. It’s not something that you can improve in a short period of time. You can become a master of the art of shooting by improving your:

  • Balance and Footwork: You need to improve these two aspects. Your standing foot should be alongside the ball and your arms will provide balance. Keep your eyes on the ball and make good contact as your strike it. The laces offer power whilst the inside of the foot offers finesse.
  • Observation Skills: The best players at shooting, check the positioning of the goalkeepers. This provides information and ideas about the type of finish required.
  • Timing of movement: Attackers close to the goal are usually marked tightly. To ensure they get the space to shoot they must make late well-timed movements. They should stay away from the space they want to attack. Timed movements across the back or front of defenders are difficult to track and can give players the time they need to get a shot away.
  • Range of techniques: Strikers need to be able to use different parts of the body and foot to score goals. Shooting when through on goal, or from crosses are common ways to score. Controlling and scoring from shots out of the air is another type of skill.

How to get better at shooting?

One of the best ways to develop your shooting technique is through repetition. Practicing 1v1 soccer shooting drills. These drills not only help you develop your dribbling and shooting skills, but they also help you become more instinctive. 1v1 soccer drills can also build your confidence and make you a more determined player.

As you practice these drills, you’ll learn to handle pressure situations better and become more comfortable with the ball coming at you from different angles and in different situations.

Remember, developing a good shooting technique takes time and effort. But with the right mindset and practice, you can become a master of the art of shooting and score more goals than you ever thought possible. So, start practicing those 1v1 soccer shooting drills today, and watch your shooting skills improve as a reward for your dedication to practice.

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Stats and Shooting

The Premier League is one of the most exciting soccer leagues in the world. It has some of the world’s best players and teams competing for trophies each season. When it comes to shooting and scoring in the Premier League, the stats speak for themselves:

  • In the 2020-2021 season, there were 1034 goals scored.
  • There was an average of 2.7 goals per game.
  • The majority of goals come from open play
  • The average shot accuracy was around 36%, meaning that just over one-third of shots on goal found the back of the net
  • Research has shown that most goals in the Premier League come from inside the penalty area. In fact, around 80% of goals are scored from within the box

These stats highlight the importance of developing good shooting techniques and creating shooting opportunities near the goal. The players must be able to make solid contact with the ball. In the modern game players need to be comfortable on the ball, able to control it with precision and speed, and make quick decisions about where to pass or shoot.

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1v1 Shooting Soccer Drills

1v1 Finishing when through on goal

How it works

This drill requires 2 GKs and 2 Goals at opposite ends of the field. Each goal is offset, one goal is placed high and left, and the other high and right. Opposite each goal around 15-20 yards away is a line of players with a football. One red team and one black team.

The first red player dribbles unopposed toward the goal they are facing. The red player shoots and then defends 1v1 against the black player. The black player tries to shoot before the red player can get across the pitch to defend. Once the black player has had a shot they defend the next red player. The sequence is continuous. If the defender wins the ball they pass to the player at the front of the line they are facing.

Coaching Points

This drill is about playing with the eyes up when through on goal. The player needs to observe the GK and how close the defender is. They need to use their touch to set up a good angle for a shot. Following any attempts at goal the attacker needs to transition to defense quickly and get good pressure on the ball.

Dribbling and Shooting in a 1v1

Drill Organization

This drill is a multi-ball drill designed to work on shooting when traveling across the box. A horizontal channel is created that runs across the width of the box. The first defender is fixed in this area (Red). The other player (Black) uses the line of the box. They can travel anywhere up and down that line.

The first attacker (Black) tries to twist and turn up and down the line to work a shot. The first defender (Red), tries to block the shot. As soon as the first ball is finished the roles of the attacker and defender flip. The coach (C), serves in a second ball and slides the red (original defender) in on goal. The player who just shot becomes the defender (Black). If the defender wins the ball at any point they should pass to the coach (C) standing outside the playing area.

Key Points

The focus of this drill is using stop-start movements to work a shot at the goal. Once the defender plants their weight on one foot the attacker needs to move in the opposite direction. These are the moments when space is created. A quick reaction from attack to defense is needed to deal with the second ball in behind.

1v1 Shooting Drill 3- Turning and Shooting

Drill Set Up

A 5-yard zone is added to the edge of a box. A Gk is needed plus a larger goal. The players pair up on either side of the goal, one in front of the other. The player at the front is the attacker and the player behind is the defender. The attacker (Black) takes a touch out of their feet and then passes to the coach (C).

The defender (Red), follows the attacker (Black) and tries to win the ball. If successful the defender passes to the coach (C) and becomes the attacker. The attacker must receive the ball in the zone between the box and the coach. They try to receive the ball, protect it, turn then score. The coach should put a time limit of around 10 seconds per attack. If the time limit is hit the next pair of players start. Players should flip roles after each attack.


1v1 soccer shooting drills are a great way to improve your soccer shooting skills. Remember these drills are important. They will help you to improve shooting power, distance, and accuracy. The repetition attached to shooting drills also carries some physical benefits. Players will get fitter by using them regularly. Psychologically the drills also help to build your confidence and make you a more determined player.

As you practice these drills, you’ll learn to handle pressure situations better and become more comfortable with the ball at your feet. Remember that scoring goals is also about having the right mindset to go again and being mentally tough when you miss chances. Repetition of drills ensures that you will develop not only your physical skills but also your mental ones too.

So, if you want to score more goals in soccer, start practicing these 1v1 soccer shooting drills today! With the right dedication, practice, and mindset, you can become a goal-scoring machine and lead your team to victory. So, lace up your boots, grab your ball, and start practicing these drills today!

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Frequent Questions

How often should I practice 1v1 soccer shooting drills?

It’s recommended to practice 1v1 soccer shooting drills at least 2-3 times a week. This will provide enough repetition to see a noticeable improvement in your soccer shooting skills. It is important that the drills you use work from a variety of angles and distances.

Can beginners also practice 1v1 soccer shooting drills?

Yes, even beginners can practice 1v1 soccer shooting drills. However, it’s important to start with simple drills and gradually progress to more advanced ones. Stats show that most goals are scored in the box. Therefore drills that end up presenting a shooting chance in the box are important.

Are 1v1 soccer shooting drills only for forwards?

No, 1v1 soccer shooting drills can be practiced by players of all positions as shooting and finishing skills are important for all players on the field. Different positions might need to practice different shooting techniques. Midfielders might need to work on long-range shooting or finishing from crosses. Wide players might need to work on timing runs to tap in at the back post. Make the drills relevant to the player’s needs.