Become a Top Scorer with these 1v1 Soccer Drills

1v1 soccer drills

Soccer is a game of skill, tactics, and mobility. To get ahead in this sport, you need to be able to perform a wide range of moves, including dribbling, passing, and shooting. However, if you want to score more goals, you need to be good at one specific skill – 1v1 situations. In this article, we will explore some of the best 1v1 soccer drills that will help you improve your skills and become a top scorer.

Take your attacking skills to the next level with these top 1v1 soccer drills. Learn how to beat defenders and score more goals.

The Importance of 1v1 Soccer Drills

1v1 soccer drills are essential for players looking to improve their skills and become top scorers on the field. These drills focus on developing players’ ability to take on defenders and score goals. Here are some of the reasons why 1v1 soccer drills are so important:

Improved Dribbling

Dribbling is an essential soccer skill. 1v1 drills help players improve their ability to take on defenders. Players can develop the necessary techniques to get past defenders and create scoring opportunities by practicing these drills. Using changes in speed following a dribble is an important step. This helps players avoid beating the same player over and over.

Enhanced Confidence

1v1 drills are useful for building a player’s confidence. With each successful dribble, players gain confidence in their ability to perform under pressure. This confidence can transfer to other aspects of the game, such as passing and shooting. Dribbling does not have a high success rate so if players can achieve 5 out of 10 successful dribbles they are in a good place.

Improved Decision Making

In 1v1 drills players are required to make quick decisions. By practicing these drills, players can improve their overall decision-making skills. They will make better choices in their skill selection and become familiar with moves that work for them. 1v1 soccer drills can also help them make the right choices in other areas of the game, such as passing and shooting.

Increased Speed of Play

By practicing their moves and techniques in a game-like scenario, players can learn to think and react faster on the field, giving them an advantage over their opponents. They will develop feints, turns, and stop-start moves that eliminate defenders quickly and efficiently. The repetition of using these skills helps the players to disguise their intentions.

Shooting Accuracy

In addition to dribbling, 1v1 drills can also help players improve their shooting accuracy. By practicing shooting in a variety of situations, players can develop their ability to finish scoring chances when they arise. The need to add goals to your drills is an important step to ensure that players get enough opportunities to practice their finishing.

Overall, 1v1 soccer drills are a critical component of any player’s training routine. They help players to improve their dribbling skills, and enhance confidence, and decision-making ability. Regular practice and repetition of 1v1 skills equip players with the necessary tools to succeed on the field. By incorporating these drills into your training routine, you can take your game to the next level.

1v1 Soccer Drills to Become Topscorer


1v1 Soccer Drills: Attacking a cross then defending a cross

Set-Up: In a 30 by 20 space. Split into teams and line up the players on either side of the goal. Place one player from each team-high and wide. This player is a crossing player and stays in this position for a full round.

Play the game: The first red attacking player in the line passes the ball to their wide player. This player continues to make a run around the central square. The red wide player dribbles towards the byline to swing in a cross for the red attacker to finish. As soon as the first red attack finishes the blacks launch their attack in the opposite direction. The only difference this time is that the red attacker tries to recover back toward their goal to block the cross of the black attacker.

Drill Focus: Speed of play and shooting accuracy are developed as a result of this game. Each attacker must develop composure to ensure that they select the correct type of finish. If the players do not attack at the correct speed the recovery defender will block the cross. A fast reaction is required after an attempt at a goal.

Shooting Around the Box

1v1 Soccer Drills: Shooting Around the Box

Organize the Drill: On the edge of the box set up two stations. The defenders start with a ball and place themselves on the corners of the box. The attackers line up a couple of yards away from the defender just outside the box. A goalkeeper stands in a large goal suitable for the age of the players. Place a cone about 3-5 yards away from the defender.

How it Works: The defender dribbles the ball towards the cone. Before the defender reaches the cone they put their foot on the ball. Without the ball, the defender continues their run around the cone to defend. The attacker runs onto the ball left by the defender. They should take their touch into the box and try to finish on goal. This sequence is repeated on the other side of the box. Roles should be flipped after a period of time.

Coaching Pointers: The attackers must take an effective first touch ideally into the box and towards the goal. The shooting player then needs to place their standing foot alongside the ball. As the shooter lifts their ball striking leg they should keep their chest over the ball to ensure the shot stays low. It is harder for the goalkeeper to save shots across the goal.

Two Types of Finish

1v1 Soccer Drills: Two Types of Finish

Organization: Set up the playing area as shown. Use mini goals for this practice. The coach (C) positions themself at one end of the pitch with a bank of balls. The blacks start on one side of the hallway line and the reds start on the other. The blacks have a head start on the reds.

Just Play: On the call of the coach the black runs around the goal, and the red chases this player. The red defender is trying to tag the black attacker before they get their shot at goal. As the black attacker runs around the top of the goal the coach plays a ball toward them. The attacker has two touches to score. Before the attacker shoots their first touch must take them over the halfway line.

In phase two, the roles of the players are flipped. The red becomes the attacker and the black becomes the defender. The coach serves a ball to the red player. The red attacker must protect the ball and beat the black defender. Once the red player gets over the halfway line they can shoot at the goal. After two balls have been served in the practice resets. The player roles should be flipped after a period of time.

Coaching Tips: Effective use of the first touch is vital to the success of the first attacker. They must keep their eyes on the ball and get their touch just right. Striking through the center of the ball and keeping their chest over the ball helps to keep the ball low. This positioning also helps to generate a powerful shot.

In Summary

There are many benefits to 1v1 soccer drills. Regular participation in these activities will lead to improved shooting accuracy, enhanced confidence, and better decisions. From a player’s perspective being involved in lots of 1v1 situations helps the player to become a good problem solver and recognize the tools (skills, attributes) needed to win a duel against different opponents.

As a coach incorporating 1v1 soccer drills into your regime would be a good idea. There are lots of technical, physical, and psychological benefits to 1v1. The game of soccer requires players who can dominate both in and out-of-possession moments. Players who can do this are sought after.

When setting up 1v1 drills consider the use of transitions. A transition will help make the drill more realistic. A player attacking and then reacting to defend requires speed of thought and is physically demanding. Continuous exposure to this sort of training builds up resilience to keep going and not give up. Players improve because they push and test each other. This raises the standard of play across the board.

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How do you teach 1v1 soccer drills?

You must organize the drill you want to teach correctly. Explain how the drill works to the players. Provide a demonstration of what you would like the players to do. Give the players a chance to practice what you have shown them. Provide some coaching tips to the players about how to be successful at the drill.

How to be good at 1v1 soccer drills?

The player must master some techniques such as dribbles, feints, and turns. Practice the techniques over and over until they become natural. Increase the pressure on yourself by taking part in lots of 1v1 soccer drills. Match yourself up against different opponents who have different strengths. Find a way to beat these opponents. Repetition, effort, and commitment are vital to your success.